How to take care of your Inverter battery?

We all know that batteries have a limited shell life before they lose out on their ability to hold charge and then decommissioned. Every battery, no matter how good, eventually reaches a point where it cannot retain its charge anymore. That being said some are unequal to others and expecting an inferior quality battery to last as long as a well-built one is a fairly wrong assumption as quality of the internal components of the battery also matter highly in regard to its longevity. However, that being said, it is theoretically possible to make any battery last longer than its stated service cycle even though it would require a fair amount of periodic maintenance. So, let’s see what you can do to make your battery last longer and get a better return on investment.

1. Watering batteries:In many regards, batteries are quite similar to plants. Their cells contain distilled water that they use for the process of electrolysis, which is eventually responsible for holding the charge. Like plants, batteries also tend to lose out on water eventually and might need topping off every four to five months or so and that too under extreme usage conditions. Your battery has built in water level measurements ontop its cells which can tell you exactly how much water is left in the cell. Now as you can probably tell, a dried out battery won’t be able to perform as well and not watering it may lower its service life drastically.

2. Placement: The placement of the batteries matter in a big way if you are expecting to get a long service cycle from it. Following are a few tips on how to best store your battery.

a. Keep away from direct heat sources: Like any electrical appliance, your battery performs optimally when kept in a cooler environment. The battery tends to heat up during charges and the last thing that you need is for it to be placed in direct sunlight. Under no circumstances, place the battery where there are direct heat sources.

b. Ventilation: Make sure that there is an even amount of ventilation around the battery for the heat to escape. You can get an inverter trolley online which are designed to keep it off the ground and circle adequate amount of air around it. These trollies come in many form factors including double tubular battery trolley formats, which can store taller batteries.

3. External Placement: Battery terminals, which are made mostly from lead alloy, tend to undergo oxidation and gather leftover residue. A corroded terminal will reduce the amount of electrical charge passing in and out of the battery and may hamper its shell life. Always make sure to clean the terminals with a toothbrush and keep the terminals clean. And while we’re on the subject, if your battery has vents for cooling, make sure that they remain unclogged as they are required to pass out gasses formed during the charge cycles.

A little care can go a long way. Your battery is much like your car. It can perform really well for longer if adequate amount of care is taken. But unlike cars, your battery doesn’t require maintenance on a regular basis and that makes it prone to being overlooked as you might sometimes forget about it. Please make sure to take a few minutes to inspect your battery every few months and keep it well maintained to get a longer service life.

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