The Latest In Luxury Home Trends Are Ceiling Fans With Lights

For someone who profoundly appreciates aesthetics, ceiling fans can be a touchy topic. As ceiling fans are the focal point of any space, subsequently they possess the ability to elevate the ambience of any environ significantly. Following up on worries of the home décor aficionados and people with refined sensitivity toward the beauties of art, Luminous has introduced an extensive range of ceiling fans with lights.

The designer ceiling fans with lights are a perfect fusion of fashion and function, and have been crafted with best in class innovation. As they are attuned to the latest décor trends, hence these fans will seamlessly go with the modish stylistic theme designs and will likewise infuse esteem and style to your space.

It’s for the first time in India that ceiling fans incorporating LED light and full capacity remote control and air control have been introduced-- with the sole prospect to give your home some much-justified charm! Thus, these are the perfect addition to any space with its striking fresh designs.Wouldn’t it be nice to have the remote turn the fan on during the day and then off in the cooler evenings, without moving an inch?

Like at the start of nineteenth century, the French revived Roman lamps for use as chandeliers—primarily to make beautifying objects accessible to more people, similarly we at Luminous have modernized fans. Also you know a chandelier draws energy equivalent to 10 led fans; hence a fan with led in the centre of the hall bodes well for better solace, air distribution and lighting! In nutshell, it is one of the best opportunities to make small, eco-friendly change!

With configurations of three, four & five blades and an optional LED light, Luminous sets itself apart from other ceiling fans. As ceiling fans with lights are more energy efficient, and also because they provide plenty of illumination, so you can save decent money on your monthly electricity bill.

Now whether your style leans towards traditional side, or if you have a classic contemporary taste, we promise you that you will get plenty of design options to choose from!

So without any further ado, browse through our category of exquisite fan designs and revive the look of your home without investing heavily in furniture or painting the room.

P.S. Most people live with outdated decor because they think the only alternative is to start from scratch. But changing the fan can be enough.