Brightening up lives, Illuminating spaces

In its efforts to bring efficient lighting solutions to the areas that are not secured to mains supply, Luminous Power Technologies has engaged in a one-of-its-kind initiative to light up an inaccessible village in Ladakh. It is situated at a remote location, and can only be reached after a two-day tiresome hike from Hinju, which is the nearest access point. With no electricity supply, the villagers have to depend upon primitive means to light up their lives at night.

It was this daily hardship which moved Luminous Power Solutions to not just talk, but to do something for these villagers. The villagers had never seen electricity before and had to wind up their lives with sunset. They were met by a pleasant surprise when Luminous Power Technologies decided to provide solar lighting solutions to the village as a part of its community service initiative. Partnering with Global Himalayan Expedition (GHE), which seeks to bring more exposure to the Ladakhi culture, Luminous has brought sustainable power technology products to the residents of the village comprising of Solar Panels and Solar Lanterns. With this initiative, Luminous Power Technologies has been able to brighten up the lives of the villagers and illuminate their nights.

An initiative which brought so much happiness to the residents was also met with equal warmth from the villagers, with all of them presenting tokens of appreciation to the GHE team members. A marked historic day in the lives of the Sumda Chenmo villagers was just another day at work for Luminous Power Technologies which aims to eradicate darkness and bring light to the lives of its consumers, day in… day out.