Luminous: The Superbrand that India Trusts

Luminous Power Technologies is a pioneer in home electrical s having a vast portfolio comprising of power back-up solutions such as the Home UPS, Inverter batteries and solar applications to electrical offerings such as fans, wires, switches, sockets with a reign 28 years, 7 manufacturing units, more than 28 sales offices in India and a strong presence in over 36 countries.

Our 6000 employees serve more than 60,000 channel partners and millions of customers.our motto has always been customer delight through innovation and passion with focus on execution and teamwork.At Luminous, we passionately strive towards innovation and to make life more comfortable and efficient.

What wellbeing means to us ?
Well-being at its simplest level is all about personal happiness - feeling good and living safely and healthily. This means not allowing work to undermine our basic purposes and needs in
our lives and of those of our families and loved ones.We at Luminous strongly believe in promoting the total wellbeing of our employees.

We facilitate an environment in the office and at home that invites and inspires healthy behaviours, healthy lifestyles and well-being. We strongly believe that effectiveness at work and wellbeing are interlinked. It makes perfect business sense where Well Being creates performance and performance generates wellbeing. Through our various wellness programs we reinforce the agility of our teams to cope better with changes.

Healthy people make a healthy organization:
At Luminous, we believe in growing a healthy environment. To foster a conducive environment that yields maximum productivity, well being for every individual is necessary.And so, we have been conducting several wellbeing programs to help our employees to raise their motivation.

For Luminous, the employee wellbeing includes working on 4 of basic human needs and aspirations

  • Physical:Addressing physical health in a holistic way and maintain a healthy body by making healthy choices about diet, exercise and leisure
  • Mental:Cultural change to embed stress management by promoting focus and single mindfulness at work to improve productivity
  • Emotional:Accessing and spreading positive emotions at work
  • Social / Spiritual: Having a sense of purpose, feelings of fulfilment and meaning to the very existence

Luminous Wellbeing practices:
Luminous engages its employees in several well being programmes to motivate them and ensure a sound mind,teamwork, a healthy body and a great work environment.Many engagement initiatives have been planned keeping in mind promoting the all 4 quadrants of employee wellbeing:

  • 3 Minute workout at Workplace daily: Everyday at a fixed time, the employees leave their workstation and engage in a 3 minute workout session to flex, stretch, engage in a hearty laugh to make the work environment fun and increase involvement.
  • Emotional wellbeing workshops: To promote mindfulness and and spirit of emotional wellbeing.
  • Manage your Energy sessions:A very powerful workshop that inspires individuals to build positive rituals physically(fitness and agility), mentally(power of focus), emotionally(access positive emotions) and spiritually (find meaning and sense of purpose)
  • Dietician session and nutritional newsletters:To promote healthy eating habits.
  • Flexibility at workplace/ Work from home policy: Policies to promote flexibility at workplace and help employees manage their work life in a better way.
  • Stepathon:Count your steps challenge: This is an app driven initiative that encourages employees to take maximum number of walks or steps in a given period and encourage physical activity.
  • Yoga and meditation sessions: For a self cleansing routine and emotional mindfulness
  • IKIGAI Concept: An exercise in introspection that encourages employees to take up the inner journey to explore one’s core being by asking questions like “ What is it that I love doing?”, “ What are my dreams and aspirations?”, “When am I my best?”, “ What am I proud of?” etc.
  • My social contribution: Under our CSR initiatives on promoting health and education in rural areas, employees can choose to volunteer.
  • Sports and Cultural events: Various sports and cultural events for physical workout and opportunities are provided to team up and mingle with other fellow colleagues.
  • Leaders as role models: Leaders play a greater role by serving as role models and primary drivers of wellbeing for their teams.Leaders are trained, coached and equipped to face challenges, deal with pressure and energize their teams through well being behaviour.Manager;s sensitization sessions are held too.

Other Initiatives
To raise awareness about other issues concerned in our daily lives, several activations were organized at our manufacturing plant in Baddi and Gagret, Himachal Pradesh.These efforts included road safety, environmental protection, POSH awareness session, importance of Shram Daan, functional behavioral and system related session and much more.

Healthy mind flourishes at work and provides benefits

By following our scope values we are able to achieve several benefits :

  • Healthy and happy employees
  • Positive emotions at workplace
  • Enhanced stress bearing capability of the workforce
  • Enhanced productivity

Let us take a closer look at the SCOPE values:
S: Straightforward: We are straightforward. We do what we say and we communicate in simple ways. We behave with integrity.
C: Challenge: We challenge ourselves and others to rethink what is expected. We are agile and move at the speed of change.
O: Open: We are open, we value differences. We listen, we learn, we connect and collaborate with others.
PPassionate: We are passionate about our customers, our people, our business and our technology.We are positive in our approach to finding solutions that better our lives.
EEffective : We are effective, we deliver our promises. We are pragmatic, we are fast and we compete to win
We are moving towards high performance culture keeping our scope values intact to provide our employees a holistic environment to grow both individually and technologically as a team with a sound mind, a healthy lifestyle and a compassionate heart.

“ A workplace driven by positivity fosters success”