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How to choose best fan for your beautiful homes?

Need help in choosing the perfect Fan that will compliment your home Décor? Look no further than Luminous, India’s best brand in designer fans. This section will guide you to explore our range of beautiful fans

Signature Range


Let your home reflect the grandeur and splendour of the home of royals – Jaipur. The opulent and extravagant designs of the fans in this range truly epitomize the rich culture and vibrant history of this illustrious city.

Signature Range


Nothing exudes class and sophistication like London. Transport your home to the imperial era with these fans that are reminiscent of the elegant stature and aristocratic heritage of the British capital.

Signature Range


The vibrant, eclectic city of Rio comes alive in these fans that truly symbolise its pulsating energy in every way. The eclectic designs and lively colours of the fans under this theme are sure to appeal to a free-spirited urban audience.

Signature Range

New York

Modernity meets luxury in this trendy range influenced by New York. Bring home the iconic spirit of this city with these fans that display a unique combination of chic style and cosmopolitan flair.

Aspiration Range

Crafted with integrated functional LED lights, these fans light up the entire room. What’s more, remote regulated light and fan speeds give you the ultimate comfort and convenience.


Built with a stronger motor to drive more air, the larger body design adds to their stability along with aerodynamically balanced blade technology that makes this range truly superior.


A superior paint finish adds a touch of class to this range. Built with a strong motor and high grade aluminium blades that are aerodynamically balanced, these fans are designed to delight.

Classic Range

Available in single and two tone colour shades, this range is designed with your personal taste in mind. What’s more, metallic and non-metallic finishes further add to the glamour of these fans.


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Superior air suction technology in both marble and plastic finishes makes these fans a utility that is both useful and beautiful.

Fan Range

Superior air delivery has never looked better with the modern designs of these fans.


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