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Auto Batteries

How to Buy Car Battery?

Luminous Automotive Batteries are powered with breakthrough silver alloy technology, offering greater power, better corrosion resistance, longer service life and absolutely maintenance free battery experience. The ready to install, maintenance-free batteries contain calcium silver alloy that provide up to 30% increased starting power and longer service life. The Luminous batteries come with an enhanced grid structure to provide durability to the battery even in extreme weather & temperature conditions.


Maximum mileage per Charge

The Luminous CARMAXX range is trusted by technicians and customers across India to provide unrivaled quality, reliability and performance. Our batteries are available for passenger vehicles across various models and makes ; providing high stability, high output an high energy density, and, is fully recognized for their performance and quality.


Maximum mileage per Charge amp;

LUMINOUS RICKPOWER batteries have been custom designed for bumpy Indian roads with intermittent stops, with assurance of top class performance & superior quality.


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