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Solar Packages

How to Buy Solar Packages?

Complete range of Solar packages, that's exactly what Luminous offers! There are various kinds of Solar packages you can choose from such as: DC based system, AC based with backup (Off grid), AC based without Backup (Grid Tie). There are also options to convert your existing Power backup into Solar Systems! This section has everything you need in choosing the best Solar package for your needs.

Solar Systems

with Battery (PWM Based)

If your area is troubled with frequent power cuts, it's time you invest in off-grid PWM Based solar system. It is a cost effective solution that lets you save extra solar energy in batteries to use during power cuts.

Solar Systems

with Battery (MPPT)

Say goodbye to frequent power cuts with off-grid MPPT based solar systems. This system is highly efficient for areas which suffers from frequent power cuts by storing extra solar energy in the batteries.

Solar Systems

without Battery

What's the best way to maximise savings from Solar Systems? The Battery-less Solar system is the way to go! This system consists of a grid-tie inverter and solar panels.

Upgrade Non Solar

Power Backup Systems

If you already have an normal power backup system, then all you need is a Luminous Upgrade Kit to convert it into a Solar Power System!

Off Grid DC Systems

The cheapest and most efficient way to go solar is by using DC systems. It comprises of solar panels, batteries and charge controller. Perfect for areas where grid power is unavailable or negligible.


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